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Stage Plays & Films

So with being hired for all these productions and events you’d think there wasn’t much time for anything else. A-HA! That is where you’d be wrong! Every year we enter various drama festivals and competitions. We have performed in:

The Edinburgh Fringe, The Duncan Rand Festival The Gravesham, Faversham, Welwyn Garden City, Woking Festivals, and the prestigious All England Festival.


Performances range from comedy sketches and satirical works to One-Act Plays.

Often these are written by us or by collaborative authors such as Ben Henderson

(author of the award-winning Numb Nuts Farrago). However, we have also performed more well-known works written by the likes of; Terry Pratchett, Alan Ayckbourn,

Agatha Christie, Willy Russell, and of course the Bard himself.

We also produced and performed our own short film “DickensOneFifty” from an original script by Ben Henderson.

Please take a look at our YouTube site for this and other short comedy sketch videos, some of which have received recognition in the Kent Film Awards.

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