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Who we are

Richard Harding

Richard is the Chairman and one of the co-founders of Alternate Shadows Theatre Group formed in 1996. As well as acting, he writes, produces, and directs. He has taken three shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, worked on two lottery grant applications, and raised monies for various local Companies and Charities through Murder Mysteries and Pantomimes.

Sophia Harding

Sophia is (as you've probably guessed) married to Richard. They make an awesome acting couple and command a stage presence similar to that other famous acting husband and wife team the Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. (Unfortunately we can't command the same pay!)


She also keeps Twitter & Instagram updated with news, videos and events.  Take a minute to see what we are up to next! 

Helen Bradshaw

Helen is our very own wonder woman when it comes to panto...OH YES SHE IS!!! she writes original scripts based on traditional stories and helps produce and direct them with stunning success, loved by Kids and adults alike. A lady of many talents she is a key member of the team.


Panto comes but once a year

Bringing laughter, fun and cheer.

Custard pies and silly jokes,

A bit of escapism for you folks.

Goodies, baddies, time to boo,

Don't forget, "it's behind you!"

Kerrie Thompson

Kerrie has been an Alternate Shadows member since 1998.

She has acted, but is usually found behind the scenes, as wardrobe or makeup mistress, sourcing or making props, as stage manager, lighting techie, or has the mantle of directing. However, she prefers to use her little grey cells productively and applies the many years of bingeing on the classic detective novels or murder mystery tv programming to write and produce most of our murder mysteries, including innovative promenade and online versions performed by Alternate Shadows.
She is also Alternate Shadows Child Protection Officer.

Bob Dench

Bob is a relatively fledgling member of Alternate Shadows having had his thespian juices reawakened after witnessing their wonderful murder mystery play in his local pub. It wasn't the beer but the "smell of the greasepaint and the lure of the footlights" that got him back performing and doing what he loves to do best which is  “hamming it up” like mad!!

He also helps keep our Facebook page up to date with news and views, photos, and fun. Take a moment to see what we are up to!  

Timothy Cooke

Tim has been with Alternate Shadows for longer than he can remember.

Brother to Kerrie Thompson, it was inevitable that at some point he would be dragged into helping backstage and before he knew what was happening he was designing posters, painting sets, acting, directing, and generally being creative all over the place.

He's recently taken a step back from productions, but is still active online and helped create the latest iteration of our website, which continues to go from strength to strength.

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