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At the Dickens Festival, Rochester comes alive with Victorian and Dickensian themes and for many years Alternate Shadows has worked with Medway Council and volunteer groups, such as The Dickens Fellowship, to provide plenty of fun characters and festival atmosphere.  

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MHS Homes held a Hollywood Ball to celebrate Macmillan Cancer Support. Alternate Shadows posed as paparazzi photographers at an old fashioned Hollywood style red carpet charity event. 

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The Rochester Literature Festival is a voluntary, community and non-profit making organisation run by writers for readers, writers and like minds. The aim is to prove that literature is for everyone and can bring a community together.and believe passionately that were Medway a book, it would be an epic tale in a genre all its own!

The Turtle Moves; Created a lasting tribute to Terry Pratchett's The Night Watch and The Glorious Revolution. 

"Alternate Shadows brought Sir Terry’s brilliant characters to life in some interactive street entertainment!"

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