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Everyone likes a good Pantomime - `Oh yes we do!'

and we have been writing and touring with our own Pantomimes since 2013. Mainly focused at Primary School Children we designed a 90 minute Pantomime that can equally be enjoyed by all ages. We have also adapted and tailored our Panto’s for specific audiences too, extending our shows to churches and even care homes, where residents can invite their grandchildren to watch the show with them in the comfort of the day room.

If you thought Pantos were just for kids then you'd be wrong. For many years it was suggested we should do a more adult orientated performance excluding children and so by request we did this in 2019 for the bigger kids among us and we are happy to report it was a sell out and a tremendous success.

(Richard’s Note: we didn’t want it to be X-rated !! I would say in essence it was  like a Carry-On Panto)

Like our Murders our Pantos are completely portable so we can bring the entertainment to YOU and there is no requirement for a stage just a space for us to perform.

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